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Harris County Utility District No. 6
c/o Allen Boone Humphries Robinson LLP
3200 Southwest Freeway, Suite 2600
Houston, TX 77027
Phone:   (713) 860-6400


Report A Problem

To report Water & Sewer problems:
Inframark, LLC
2002 West Grand Parkway North, Suite 100
Katy, Texas 77449
Phone:  281-398-8211
The phone number listed above is manned 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.



Billing Inquires


Billing Inquiries should be directed to:

Inframark, LLC
2002 West Grand Parkway North, Suite 100
Katy, Texas 77449
Phone: 281-579-4500

Representatives are available from 7:00am to 11:00pm, Monday through Friday.

You may also email us at: mudcustomerService@inframark.corp

Please mail Payments to:

P. O. Box 4729
Houston, TX 77210-4729




General Inquires


Inquires not related to problems or billing can be directed to:

Inframark, LLC
2002 West Grand Parkway North, Suite 100
Katy, Texas 77449
Phone: 281-578-4200



Harris County U.D. No. 6 provides water and wastewater services.

Harris County Utility District No. 6 is designated a Superior Water District by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ)


2018 Drinking Water Quality Report

Important Tax Information

If you have not received your tax statement and you do not escrow your taxes, please contact the Tax Office at 281-499-1223 or visit their website at

Download the Request for Installment Agreement for Property in Disaster Area for 2017 Taxes.


Harris County Utility District No. 6 does not provide maintenance or repair of streets, sidewalks, or storm sewer drainage facilities. Please address any drainage concerns to Harris County Commissioner Precinct No. 4’s Community Assistance Department: (281) 353-8424 or if you are located south of Clay Road, Harris County Commissioner Precinct No. 3’s Westside Service Center: (281) 463-6300.

Hurricane Harvey FAQs

Harris County UD 6 Hurricane Harvey FAQ’s
(Prepared by Severn Trent) Updated Information as of September 25, 2017 4:00 p.m. 

Is my water safe to drink?
The public water system has taken the necessary corrective actions to restore the quality of the water distributed by this public water system used for drinking water or human consumption purposes and has provided TCEQ with laboratory test results that indicate that the water no longer requires boiling prior to use as of September 15, 2017. 

What has happened to the HCUD6 wastewater collection system?
Both HCUD6 wastewater lift stations are online and operating normally.
What has happened to the Jackrabbit Regional WWTP?
Jackrabbit is still operating under limited capacity; we are asking all contributing participants to continue conserving water going down the sewer system. The plant is still operating on two portable generators. The control building and 2 of the blowers are the only components currently offline. Electrical/instrumentation has been cleaned and parts replaced if available. The onsite generator is being repaired and CenterPoint power is still off at the plant. There is no definitive date when the control building will be completely repaired. Evaluation of components is still on-going and will continue as we energize the panels. The delivery of components that have failed or will fail is subject to availability from the manufacturers. 

What actions can homeowners take? 
Residents of HCUD6 can provide the most beneficial action by limiting the amount of water used as much as possible. Refrain from bathing, washing clothes, and using your dishwasher. Showers, use of toilets, brushing teeth are acceptable. If you experience a sanitary sewer backup, contact ST at 281 398-8211 and they will come out and help you. 

How will ST handle my billing needs?
Residents of HCUD6 may have received an E-Bill. At this time, payments on the bill is suspended. Residents of HCUD6 may have received an E-Bill. At this time, payments on the bill is suspended. A bill will be generated next month combining 2 month’s usage, allowing residents an extra month to pay their usage. Penalties will not be assessed and residents that experienced leaks during the storm should contact our Customer Service department to assist with leak adjustments. 

We are using all available resources to restore Jackrabbit Road WWTP to lift the water limitation restrictions ASAP.
Our primary concern is to protect the health and safety of the public and all actions taken will be with that goal in mind.

Notice Of Meetings

The Board of Directors of Harris County Utility No. 6 hold a regular monthly meeting, open to the public.

When the THIRD Tuesday of every month at 6pm
 Jackrabbit Road WWTP
 16720 Pine Forest Lane
 Houston, Texas 77084


Conservation Tips

The average person uses 50 - 75 gallons of water every day. Becoming waste conscious you can reduce your usage. Saving water saves money and also helps protect our most precious resource.

These are some practical water conservation tips:

  • Wash only full loads in your washing machine and dishwasher.
  • Do not run water continuously when washing dishes by hand.
  • Attach low-flow faucet aerators to faucets.
  • Take short showers instead of baths. A full bath requires approximately 36 gallons of water. A five minute shower using a low-flow restrictor will use 15 - 25 gallons.
  • Install low-flow shower heads and toilets. Low flow toilets typically use 1/2 the water of a standard toilet.
  • Don't leave the water running while brushing your teeth and/or shaving.
  • Check for leaking faucets and toilets and repair them. A leaking tap, dripping once per second, wastes six gallons of water a day. A leaking toilet can waste up to 5,000 gallons per day.
  • Use a nozzle on your hose that will stop the water flow when appropriate.
  • Use a broom, not a hose, to clean driveways and sidewalks.
  • Store drinking water in the refrigerator, rather than allowing the tap to run for a cold glass of water.