Board of Directors

Rebecca L. Watkins, President (Term Expires: May 2024)
John J. Sugg, Vice President (Term Expires: May 2026)
Don Durgin, Secretary (Term Expires: May 2024)
Anne Grzanka, Assistant Vice President (Term Expires: May 2024)
Robert W. Schmitz, Assistant Secretary (Term Expires:  May 2026)

Campaign Finance Reports


Harris County Utility District No. 6 (the District) was created by Acts of the 61st Legislature of the State of Texas, Regular Session, 1969. The Board of Directors held its first meeting on May 19, 1970, and the first bonds were sold on January 8, 1974.

Pursuant to a consolidation agreement approved by the Board of Directors of the District and Harris County Utility District 7, which was approved at an election held May 5, 1973, the districts were consolidated into one district operating under and governed by the provisions of Chapter 51, Texas Water Code and Section 59 of Article XVI, Sections 59, Texas Constitution.

On March 19, 1980, the Texas Water Commission, now known as the Texas Commission On Environmental Quality (TCEQ), approved the conversion of the District to a municipal utility district governed by the provision of Chapter 54, Texas Water Code and Article XVI, Section 59, Texas Constitution. The district operates in accordance with Chapters 49 and 54 of the Texas Water Code and subject to the continuing supervision of the TCEQ. The principal functions of the District is to finance, construct, own, and operate waterworks, wastewater, and drainage facilities and to provide such facilities and services to the customer of the District.

District Map

District Map (PDF)